Thursday, November 5, 2009

yesterday i didnt make it because i made smth else:

big steps forward:

1. before uni i went to study support and lovely lady Anna listened to my dissertation mess and by making some good comments she managed to help me. I feel a bit better and less stressed about it now...still have a presentation ahead tho.

2. We were helping Ed with Ruben, Olivia, Andre, Jessie, Bevan. It was a lot of fun but also I learned more about shooting in a studio, setting the studio and building that shooting relationship with someone who is not a professional model. We got introduced to some important people... and hopefully we got some good shots.

After..drinkidrinki :)


  1. Maria loving this site for blogging, I reckon all should join!

  2. Hey Maria. Can the study support lady sort out this blog mess I am into it now? If she cannot, pls help me to start it out as this course is going to turn up an online one soon with nobody else to teach you but your classmates. I have the blog now but can't work it out with the blackboard and how to download some pics on it. Let me know on facebook as I don't know where your message is going to go. Thanks x