Friday, November 6, 2009

4 th day

I got sooo wet today on the bike coming back from work...but it I was sooo happy since I finished work for the day..I didnt care ..weee :)

I had my presentation yesterday and yes... I CREID..who knows why?
IIt was akward but it was ok..we all hed a bit of a lough and then it went ok.
Itay did actually said that I might have a PHD idea not a Dissertation which is a good think I hope.

And I got some ppl after my presentation giving me tips and some book help for ty research.
Thank you a lot felt great to know I'm not alone..

If you ever need any support or help just let me know. x x x x


  1. its ok maria, its only week 5 or 6 now
    u still have a lot of time..
    itai said there were ppl last year that didnt concrete their idea til after xmas

    my disserttion changes daily..don't know if u saw my car crash of a presentation last week?!
    now im looking at lady penelope being my muse
    which leads me to look at muses in fashion photography.vogue paris-lara stone issue-model s a muse-so far..will see how presentation goes..

    'just keep reading'..wise words from kelly

    good luck, hope u get ur topic ba level soon
    love the blog maria x

  2. i just wanted to cry with you my dear maria.
    crying is good i heard.