Sunday, January 31, 2010


after last presentation when Ital, Kelly, Leila nd Ed agreed with me actually going to Polandia and starting shooting...I have bought tickets :) and next sunday im flying to the cold cold poland...there's so much snow there now ...i cant wait!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

tests 2

another usefull test
i see now what angles work better and which lene i should use.

i will shoot with gray,polish winter as backgroungd
models will be dressed up in colorfull clothes.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

developed idea.

the developed idea.

itay and kelly said....

1.choose art approach or fashion.

2.15 pictures of girls might be too boring

3. if fashion nobody cares abt credits

4. if art it has to be relavent to contemporart art photography

5. if art than it has to be conceptual..deeeply

6. look at irwin olaf..might be usefull to you

7. now ed might be your tutor not leila

so i thought....
and thought ...
and looked aroung and round and round...

and I have a new concepy.

the only part i didnt want to let go was the 15 young polish girls.
i asked myslef why and whats special about them.

and than it hit a lightening..and than it all made sence..

"they all were born in 1989!!"

for all who dont know:
"June 4Solidarity's victory in Polish elections is the first of many anti-communist revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe in 1989."

They are the first really free generation.
They are the resoult of theyr parents happiness and excitement.
The fruit of revolution.
They have no burden, no baggage, no limits.
They are really free inside.
They are the future and the change.

Now they are 20 years old and they start to speak.
They can change the world and they are not afraid to change the rulez.

Freedom is like flying.
Flying is a symbol of freedom. Of having the power to go wherever one wants.
To break free. No limits.

So I decided I could take pictures of those girls born in 1989 flying threw the city.
The backgorund will be gray and they will be cororful.

I looked for some references in art photography ( Denis Darzaq, Li Wei, Sam Taylor Woods, Gunars Binde)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

today...the snow fell down and it covered my previous idea.
itay and kelly were right. that would be borring..or did i say that :)
my research so far led me to a dead end..but now after the crit..i got an idea!!!
spring came and i know what i will shoot!!!
Im soooo excited.


it's all a process.

just need to do some research now to back it up so next time they cant say NO!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My models..just some of them :)

It just seems to me that if I make 5 tryptych instead of 15 it would be so much better. I could make them really good...15 seems like a mass production...another link to kitsch.

Reading up on Kitch and hoping it will get clearer...but i dont understand a work of what im reading...englishbul bul bulkot!

Also thinking of adding light to light the crown..need to test the spotlight.