Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Yesterday my Lovely friend Butter modeled for me do I could shoot some tests.
We build some "crowns" and tested the use of beauty dish. I also wrote down all the settings.
Later on looked at the pic, gestures etc...photoshoped them and put them into tryptychs...

What you think??

Im worried 15 of those could be borring :(((

What you think??

But it would be 15 different girls and 15 differetnt crowns.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Progress I have made...just recently and just by talking to friends and family.
Seems easy...but so helpful.

My problems and solutions.

0. I had a problem with my vison.

I called my brother who is a big thinker and we discussed the need of creating something meaningful and understandable. It made it totally clear to me that I need to have a reason other than selling frocks behind what I do. Just for my self-centerd ego to be satisfied with what i produce.

0.5 Does it all make any sense..

I spoke to Mark and Leila and they both seemed not extremely bored with my idea...that was encouraging :))

1.I wanted to shoot 15 girls...all from Poland...but that's a lot and I couldn't afford to fly hem all here.

My sister said...why 15 and not less...I thought great idea..and that's how TRIPTYCHS idea came about...and it adds to the meaning of my idea.

2. I needed to decide if I want an artists to make crowns for them or some art students or nobodies? If I want publish work I need names.

Alexey said...I could possibly speak to this fresh Russian mag and they dont care about the credits as much as the idea.

3. Do I want to shoot film or dig? Cost efficient but loosing the quality and the feel.

I visited Alexey and we talked for couple of hours about life..and Yes...I used to always shoot on film and using at least 70mm lance..never dig..since I started uni ..because of laziness I started shooting dig..and just standard crap lance..no wonder I started to hate my pictures..they seemed flat.

4. Stylist?

This I just figured out myself..5 plain boring tank tops...by PRADA, GUCCI, DIOR, CHANEL etc. I spoke to Jessie and she gave me some tips on that:)

6. Make up?

I met with Sunanda at film club..and she agreed to fly with me to Polandia and do the make up and hair :))

5. What light?

I spoke to Matjaz who made me realize how little i have thought about it ..and Alexey... and he let me use some of his equipment for the Christmas's time...test test and test :))

7. The expressions.

Matjaz asked me what the models are going to be doing on the pic..how will they look like..upss...I haven't thought about that...but now I have ..thank you :)

And I got a pic from Alexey of me and Kamil from my first and the best photoshoot in the first year. I love it.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


the more i try to focus on what i have to do the less i do.
i get lost in all the thinking.
and not doing what i should...and time goes by....tick tak


two is more than one