Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Yesterday my Lovely friend Butter modeled for me do I could shoot some tests.
We build some "crowns" and tested the use of beauty dish. I also wrote down all the settings.
Later on looked at the pic, gestures etc...photoshoped them and put them into tryptychs...

What you think??

Im worried 15 of those could be borring :(((

What you think??

But it would be 15 different girls and 15 differetnt crowns.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Progress I have made...just recently and just by talking to friends and family.
Seems easy...but so helpful.

My problems and solutions.

0. I had a problem with my vison.

I called my brother who is a big thinker and we discussed the need of creating something meaningful and understandable. It made it totally clear to me that I need to have a reason other than selling frocks behind what I do. Just for my self-centerd ego to be satisfied with what i produce.

0.5 Does it all make any sense..

I spoke to Mark and Leila and they both seemed not extremely bored with my idea...that was encouraging :))

1.I wanted to shoot 15 girls...all from Poland...but that's a lot and I couldn't afford to fly hem all here.

My sister said...why 15 and not less...I thought great idea..and that's how TRIPTYCHS idea came about...and it adds to the meaning of my idea.

2. I needed to decide if I want an artists to make crowns for them or some art students or nobodies? If I want publish work I need names.

Alexey said...I could possibly speak to this fresh Russian mag and they dont care about the credits as much as the idea.

3. Do I want to shoot film or dig? Cost efficient but loosing the quality and the feel.

I visited Alexey and we talked for couple of hours about life..and Yes...I used to always shoot on film and using at least 70mm lance..never dig..since I started uni ..because of laziness I started shooting dig..and just standard crap lance..no wonder I started to hate my pictures..they seemed flat.

4. Stylist?

This I just figured out myself..5 plain boring tank tops...by PRADA, GUCCI, DIOR, CHANEL etc. I spoke to Jessie and she gave me some tips on that:)

6. Make up?

I met with Sunanda at film club..and she agreed to fly with me to Polandia and do the make up and hair :))

5. What light?

I spoke to Matjaz who made me realize how little i have thought about it ..and Alexey... and he let me use some of his equipment for the Christmas's time...test test and test :))

7. The expressions.

Matjaz asked me what the models are going to be doing on the pic..how will they look like..upss...I haven't thought about that...but now I have ..thank you :)

And I got a pic from Alexey of me and Kamil from my first and the best photoshoot in the first year. I love it.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


the more i try to focus on what i have to do the less i do.
i get lost in all the thinking.
and not doing what i should...and time goes by....tick tak


two is more than one

Monday, November 30, 2009

S P a C E

Do you...sometimes in this great city of London feel surrounded?

London is endlessly crowded.
It's too busy to think and it overwhelms with the advertised splendid of its greatness.

Sometimes I need to take a deeper breath to find what I'm loosing.

I went to Poland and climbed a mountain. The air was frosty and the wind blew threw me.
I could hear my breath.
I could hear my thoughts.

Some things become

C L e A R

Friday, November 20, 2009

My grandmother

today I've finally printed pictures I took in Warszawa (capital of Poland)..my grandma Maria Downarowicz was just 14 when her Mum was taken to Oswiecim (Auschwitz) where she was killed later on.....

one of those balconies is the one from which my grandma saw her mother last time led by Nazi's into a truck..

..on the 01.08. which is a remembrance day on which 65 years ago after 5 years of Nazi ocupation and terror young people (mostly scouts) and the undergroud army decided to to fight back......My Grandmother and her two brothers joined the fight..she was the messanger passing the orders running betwean the flying bullets..she got shot in the knee... most of her friends were killed..when I think about the horror of those times I cant imagine it..it feels so distant and scary..and it was just 65 years ago!!!

the trip to Warszawa was extremally emotional..we were both crying outside and inside for those few days..and on the way back home my grandma said her fer well to the capital...not sure if she will ever be strong enough to go back again...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

research planning

I got a letter from Emily our course administrator that my place on the course in in danger due to my unprofeccional and disrespectfull atendance...and I could swear that this term I have attended more lectures than any other term :)

Hope Im not the only one who got it..

Im trying this Blurb site and im a BIT lost in it... so I decided now to writte all the text in Word and later work on the pages in Photoshop when I know at least what writting I will have there.

Lets hope that will make it easyier.

Its just 16 and its getting dark...bleeeeee

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

after the photoshop with Charlotte

I spend good few hours with Charlotte..the beauty retoucher who is retouching the pic for all the important ppl. It inspired me to finally start retouching pictures of my friend from her holiday in greece...small difference ( the bootom one hasent been touched)...when i get better I will retouch my own pic :))

Monday, November 9, 2009


Just started to work on my database...I have such a mess...nothing in place...no system! Im so disorganized it's actually scary...over 35026 pictures in random folders in random places :((

It looks scary.

I downloaded Expression Media..and trying to figure out what will work for me...

Any tips????????????


I have been trying to organize my database...and found so much old stuff...hard core.

I downloaded Expression Media and now trying to organize my pic...its not easy

also visited Nick Knights Showstudio..where you can see lots of fashion related stufff...and where you can paint a projection on Naomi who is standing in a gallery..and you can see threw camera your pic appear on her :))

Friday, November 6, 2009

4 th day

I got sooo wet today on the bike coming back from work...but it I was sooo happy since I finished work for the day..I didnt care ..weee :)

I had my presentation yesterday and yes... I CREID..who knows why?
IIt was akward but it was ok..we all hed a bit of a lough and then it went ok.
Itay did actually said that I might have a PHD idea not a Dissertation which is a good think I hope.

And I got some ppl after my presentation giving me tips and some book help for ty research.
Thank you a lot guys..it felt great to know I'm not alone..

If you ever need any support or help just let me know. x x x x

Thursday, November 5, 2009

yesterday i didnt make it because i made smth else:

big steps forward:

1. before uni i went to study support and lovely lady Anna listened to my dissertation mess and by making some good comments she managed to help me. I feel a bit better and less stressed about it now...still have a presentation ahead tho.

2. We were helping Ed with Ruben, Olivia, Andre, Jessie, Bevan. It was a lot of fun but also I learned more about shooting in a studio, setting the studio and building that shooting relationship with someone who is not a professional model. We got introduced to some important people... and hopefully we got some good shots.

After..drinkidrinki :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

third dat

I found more inspiration.
and I will be helping in shooting some important ppl 2mro.
makes me happy.
hope i dont trip over the tripod or smth like that.

Monday, November 2, 2009

second day...


I managed to figure out what I will do for my major project.
(my dissertation is still a big blank page ...got time till thursday...not good)

OH YES !!! (as Marc Lebon would say...just in a bit more girly voice ;)

I can connect all that I thought about...

3. 15 MODELS (my chalange is to get them from agencies or streetcast)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

the first

first of november
first dark rainy day outside

first day in