Monday, November 9, 2009

I have been trying to organize my database...and found so much old stuff...hard core.

I downloaded Expression Media and now trying to organize my pic...its not easy

also visited Nick Knights Showstudio..where you can see lots of fashion related stufff...and where you can paint a projection on Naomi who is standing in a gallery..and you can see threw camera your pic appear on her :))


  1. Where did you download Expresion media from Maria Maria???

  2. Hmm.. What is Expression Media? ;)

    I found Lightblue software that is made for photo databases, invoices, selling photos online, everything but is costs 350pounds.. :( ...

    Well if u add two more 00 on top of your number of photos u get my number... Quite a mess...

    Showstudio is great! But I missed Nick Knights shooting of Vodianova for Vogue for one hour! :(

  3. Try that is dead easy and it renames things and cataloge things on ur comp. Mark uses that and it seems to cope with his archive :))