Friday, November 20, 2009

My grandmother

today I've finally printed pictures I took in Warszawa (capital of Poland) grandma Maria Downarowicz was just 14 when her Mum was taken to Oswiecim (Auschwitz) where she was killed later on.....

one of those balconies is the one from which my grandma saw her mother last time led by Nazi's into a truck..

..on the 01.08. which is a remembrance day on which 65 years ago after 5 years of Nazi ocupation and terror young people (mostly scouts) and the undergroud army decided to to fight back......My Grandmother and her two brothers joined the fight..she was the messanger passing the orders running betwean the flying bullets..she got shot in the knee... most of her friends were killed..when I think about the horror of those times I cant imagine feels so distant and scary..and it was just 65 years ago!!!

the trip to Warszawa was extremally emotional..we were both crying outside and inside for those few days..and on the way back home my grandma said her fer well to the capital...not sure if she will ever be strong enough to go back again...


  1. such a moving story Maria!

    my granny had big stories from the spanish civil war. I love my granny!


  2. beautiful photographs maria, it is upsetting that they had to come from such sadness. big love to you x

  3. um, i've been feeling real close to how fear affects us recently and how over the generations the nature of it transforms but i doubt goes away. missing you lovem

  4. Amazing images and with such a deep moving story. My Grandmother was in a similar situation during the war and i think its amazing what u have done as i know how it can be difficult sometimes

  5. I like the way that u can tell stories from ur photographs...even though its really sad to think of it :'(

    Warszawa seems to be very historical, i must visit there one day.