Wednesday, November 18, 2009

research planning

I got a letter from Emily our course administrator that my place on the course in in danger due to my unprofeccional and disrespectfull atendance...and I could swear that this term I have attended more lectures than any other term :)

Hope Im not the only one who got it..

Im trying this Blurb site and im a BIT lost in it... so I decided now to writte all the text in Word and later work on the pages in Photoshop when I know at least what writting I will have there.

Lets hope that will make it easyier.

Its just 16 and its getting dark...bleeeeee


  1. yup dark verrry early now =( and freakin' freezing too.

    regarding the letter, apparently 12 other pupils got it...i wouldn't worry about it too much, just make sure you attend more.

    regarding i have not yet explored the free software that comes with it, but i know that you can use photoshop to compile the pages no problem. when you have done that you have an option of loading them as jpg's or as pdf's.

    i don't recommend saving text into jpg's though, because it will be pixelated when you print it.

    best way is to have text as pdf format, and import picture into it, as it will keep the text as a vector.

    confused? =P

  2. awww! are disrespectful, you have to admit that!!!....and rude also

    Im glad that Emily pointed that up, because I was just about to do it!