Thursday, February 11, 2010

after the polandia visit 1

Just got bck from Polandia where I managed to shoot 8 girls in 2 days in different locations spread across the city. It all went better than I expected...thanks to the TeaM :))

The DOWN trio :))

GO - my sis aka Ko- great help, great organizationa and actually a great producr and motivator for the models. nobody ever sang before to get my models to relax :)

SzCzO- my bro aka Klimek - such a patient driver, great assistant and shooting partner. he made it easyier for me to get the girls to take their jackets off ;)

and than the Girls themselves. Zaba, Dyka, Skulicz, Zuzia, Mierol, Herman, Rozalku no i Gogo we wlasnej osobie :))
Few words about them: Young, Fresh, Funky and Cooler than cold snow unerneath their feet and just very interesting personalities.

The rest of gave a lot support as well: fool, place to stay, car and most important good wOrd.

I took pictures on on a digital camera and hasselblad.

NOW: im back in UK
today I developed the films....and they were not blank :)))
now waiting to print them myslef on monday.
I want to learn how to print color pictures.

So untill than::

LET me introduCe some of the digi piC ::::made by GO (gosia down) and SzCo (klimek down)::

Szanowna Pani Rozalku fot. Go aka Ko

Szanowna Pani Herman fot. Klimek aka SzCzo

Szanowna Pani Mierol fot. Klimek aka SzCzo

Szanowna Pani Zuzia fot. Klimek aka SzCzo

Szanowna Pani Skulicz fot. Klimek ala SzCzo

Szanowna Pani Dyka fot. Klimek ala SzCzo

Szanowna Pani Zaba fot. Klimek ala SzCzo


  1. no ladnie... tak pod moim blokiem..

  2. the girl with the purple leggins and strippy top is my fave!!! i want to see them flying though!!! xx

  3. These are great, but i was wondering , and dont take this the wrong way but dont u think it could get quite repetitive after 15 shots

  4. I like the girl in the purple hoody! Did you shoot film too? xx

  5. I shot film as well :)) today i went to lime grove and with introduction from Nicolay..i managed to print contact sheets and some choosen prints :))

    Jonty..I agree 15 would be borring. They wont all be in the air :))

  6. the film ones are so beautiful maria. especially with the snow washing everything out and then the girls in the really bright colours. they are not one bit boring. xxx

  7. I agree! I don't think they get boring! x

  8. thank you ladies. I will go back tho and shoot more and more. I have to say I really found this very exciting and just working with those girls and not models was a breath of fresh air.